John Harbison - A Winter Journey in Poetry, Image, and Song

An extraordinary fusion of music, poetry, and photographs

Winterreise is perhaps the greatest song cycle ever written. Franz Schubert set to music the evocative poetry of his contemporary, German lyricist Wilhelm Müller. It is a heart-rending portrayal of a winter journey full of misery and woe.

"It took courage beyond reckoning for Schubert to set Wilheim Müller's poetry to music, because he saw in it his own possible fate, one of unimaginable bleakness. A great work assumes even greater power when one realizes what it must have meant to its creator." — Susan Yoouens, from the introductory essay.

This striking and unique multimedia volume brings together the achievements of Schubert and Müller with new interpretations by present-day musicians, scholars, and a photographer. The volume includes:

  • the complete German text of Wilhelm Müller's twenty-four poems
  • a new English translation of the poems by Louise McClelland Urban
  • a foreword by Pulitzer Prize–winning American composer John Harbison
  • an introductory essay by renowned Schubert scholar Susan Youens
  • one hundred and sixteen stunning black and white photographs of a winter's journey by Katrin Talbot
  • a compact-disc recording of the Winterreise song cycle performed by baritone Paul Rowe and pianist Martha Fischer.

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